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Fundamentals Of Technology

Ozone is formed by splitting oxygen molecules (O2) into atomic oxygen (O), which combines with other oxygen molecules to produce ozone molecules (O3)

Ozone has an oxidation potential which is 50% stronger than gaseous chlorine, making it one of the most powerful oxidants in today’s municipal, industrial and commercial markets.

It has low dose requirements, very short contact time and can be used at many points in the treatment line. An excellent semi-selective oxidation capable of removing a wide variety of molecules such as micropollutants, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, algae and cyanobacteria, colour, taste and odour.

Ozone is chemical free and does not add chemicals to water or air and environmentally friendly. It dissolves naturally into oxygen and inherently safe after natural decay leaving no harmful residuals and control of DBP (disinfection by products caused by chlorine).

Ozone can be generated on-site to improve safety and handling with no transportation and storage needed.

Ozonia, from Switzerland, has been the ozone industry pioneer for over 40 years and has thousands of Ozonia ozone installations globally in the Industrial and Municipal markets. Hydro Nusantara is authorised as the sales and service representative in Malaysia for the Industrial segment.

ozonia® TOGC

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