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Regenerative Media Filtration System

Perlite Filter™

The sand and regenerative media filters both operate on the principle of mechanical filtration. Sand filters trap particles in water throughout the depth of their bed. When the filter becomes
dirty, it is cleaned by backwashing, a process that sends considerable amounts of water to drain. RMFs trap particles on the surface of flexible tubes coated with perlite media. When the perlite becomes loaded, RMFs regenerate by bumping, a process in which no water is lost. In addition to providing superior 1 vs 20-30 micron particulate removal, RMFs significantly reduce the amount of water sent down the drain.

The beneficial features of the Perlite Filters™ are:

  • Water Savings

More than 60% reduced water consumption compared to conventional multi-media filters

  • Maintenance Cost Savings

Cost effective filter media used (Perlite), with easy maintenance works as compared to the conventional multi-media removal periodically.

  • Reduced Foot Print and Civil Construction Cost

Savings of 75% of the civil foot print for the construction of a pump room housing the Perlite Filters™ in your CAPEX budget.

  • Energy & Chemical Savings

When you reduce your backwashing frequency, you save on chemical and energy wastage.

  • Microorganisms Removal (Mechanically)
  • Exceptional Pool Water Clarity

Mechanically achieved without chemical flocculant and coagulant used. This is also a safety feature in seeing the bottom of the pool during distress and emergency period.

  • NSF® and ANSI Certifications

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