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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Recent research has established a number of emerging pathogens displaying increased resistance to chlorine disinfection. This initiated the food and beverage industry to tighten up their strict safety and stringent quality standards. 

Waterborne microorganisms are responsible for adverse effects on flavour, colour, odour and shelf life of products, plus a great health risks potential to consumers. It is therefore the fundamental objective of food and beverage manufacturers to eliminate micro-organisms from process water, product water and sugar solutions.

As a chemical-free and low maintenance technology, our UV treatment eliminates all types of water-borne micro-organisms, including bacteria, molds, yeasts, spores and viruses and it is an established method of disinfecting drinking water throughout Malaysia and the world.

From CIP rinsing to liquid sugar and process applications, UV disinfection has become a proven solution where chemicals cannot be used in the process.