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How Legoland Malaysia Improved Its Water Disinfection System Using UV Technology

Legoland Malaysia, a premier family-friendly resort located in Johor, is renowned for its thrilling rides and immersive experiences that cater to visitors of all ages. It also hosts an impressive water theme park with a wide selection of entertainment and slides.

Legoland goes to great lengths to create a safe environment for the patrons at the resort. As part of their commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment, the Legoland management implements stringent safety and hygiene measures across their water attractions.

This naturally means that they needed to optimise the chlorine usage to reduce the amount of chlorine disinfection by-products.

Improving Legoland’s Water Disinfection System with UV Technology

HydroNusantara had the opportunity to help the client in a few key areas. Mainly, the priority was to establish a safer water environment that in turn translates into a good experience for the visitors. Thus, UV technology was chosen as the secondary disinfection barrier. 

With UV water disinfection technology, the theme park utilises a sustainable chemical-free disinfection method that ensures the prevention of chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia that can be harmful to patrons and visitors. 

With the introduction of UV disinfection, chlorine usage is set to be reduced significantly. Therefore, the client now has the ability to control the disinfection by-products derived from the chlorination process.

Our Solution: Pool Optimised Medium-Pressure UV System 

After defining the concrete water disinfection specifications of the project, the right UV system was sized and installed. This led to the installation of a medium pressure UV system with an advanced control panel to allow all operation possibilities.

The medium pressure UV series was chosen for its superior performance in pool environments. Its design is uniquely suited for the task, using 254 nm dose calculations to target and disinfect chlorine-resistant pathogens, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, more effectively. 

This efficiency translates to lower operating costs and reduced time spent on pool management, as operators have no need to adjust the UV system extensively to maintain optimal pool chemistry.

Key factors influencing the selection of the medium pressure UV included its ability to handle high flow rates, its low energy consumption, and its compact chamber design. Ultimately, implementing this system stands to establish a sustainable water treatment foundation, leveraging UV disinfection to support a healthier and safer environment for the bathers.

Ensuring Safety & Fun with UV Disinfection Technology

UV water disinfection technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining the pristine conditions of Legoland Malaysia’s water attractions. This technology ensures that all water used in the park is free from harmful microorganisms, providing a safe and hygienic environment for patrons. 

By embracing this efficient disinfection method, Legoland Malaysia not only meets but exceeds industry standards for water safety. This commitment to utilising innovative solutions highlights the park’s dedication to patrons’ well-being and environmental stewardship, ensuring that people of all ages can enjoy their water adventures with peace of mind.  

HydroNusantara – Your Partner in UV Water Disinfection Systems

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